Victor Hardy Shares Expert Advice on Miniature Painting Process

Award-winning artist Victor Hardy reveals what it takes to become a miniature painting master.

An art form stemming from tabletop role-playing and war-games, miniature painting is an intricate process that has evolved to form the basis for numerous high-profile international competitions, including Games Workshop’s famous Golden Demon contest. Multi-award-winning artist and miniature painting master Victor Hardy offers a closer look at what’s involved.

“While an artistic streak and an eye for detail are vital if you’re to become an award-winning miniature painter, I’ve subsequently also learned lots through trial and error since taking up the art form almost 30 years ago,” says Victor Hardy, speaking from his home in Austin, Texas.

It’s with this in mind that Victor Hardy is keen to share a number of top tips centered around becoming a successful miniature painter. “Start with the best equipment that you can afford,” suggests Hardy.

A miniature painting master, Victor Hardy is, of course, talking primarily about brushes. “High-quality brushes will not only make painting easier, but they’ll also allow for cleaner highlights, for example, which will give you an edge over other artists using cheaper equipment,” he explains.

Similarly important, according to Hardy, and the basis for his second tip, is cleaning. “I cannot stress enough how important it is to take care of your brushes,” says the expert. This is especially true, Hardy goes on to point out, when using expensive equipment. “If you buy quality brushes and take good care of them, they’ll last for years,” Hardy explains, “ensuring soft bristles, a neat point, and much more, every single time you paint.”

“You simply must take care of your brushes,” he adds, “if you’re to become a miniature painting master.”


Hardy‘s miniature painting trophy case is today fit to burst with awards won in the U.S., Europe, and elsewhere over the course of more than 15 years of competition-level artistry. These awards, Victor Hardy suggests, are a testament to a combination of both his equipment and an inherent level of skill within art.

Finally, and on the subject of skill, Victor Hardy turns to a more technical matter. “Color theory,” says the award-winning artist. “Experimenting somewhat with color is fine on occasion, but understanding what truly works, known as color theory, will save countless wasted hours contemplating and tweaking color choices which aren’t, or weren’t, optimal from the outset,” he reveals.

Victor Hardy says that without an understanding of color theory, even the most eager aspiring artists will find themselves throwing away or awkwardly repainting models where a mistake with color has been made.

Learning how colors work on a fundamental level is reasonably straightforward, according to Victor Hardy, and can save new and more experienced artists alike countless wasted hours in their miniature painting pursuits. “As little as an hour of learning about color theory can, I believe,” he adds, wrapping up, “save potentially hundreds of hours of deliberation and mistakes down the line, so it’s well worth looking into at the first opportunity.”

About Victor Hardy


Victor Hardy: A Maverick in Internet Streaming and IP Law

Victor Hardy is a Maverick in Internet Streaming and IP Law

In this new age of digital streaming, it can be quite tricky to figure out where one stands when it comes to legal processes in and around intellectual property. As a result of new technology aided by internet distribution services, this topic has never been more relevant than in 2020. There are few attorneys, however, that have taken this novel challenge and applied it to the real world so valiantly than Austin-native Victor Hardy.

Victor Hardy has Over 20 Years Experience in High Stakes Litigation Cases

With over 20 years in high stakes litigation cases, it is no surprise that Victor Hardy was able to make the seamless move towards IP legal matters with a specialty in internet search and multimedia streaming that has resulted in successful campaigns across a multitude of case portfolios. Victor Hardy has also successfully worked as a trial attorney in the field of patent finance, investment, negotiation, and acquisitions as well as strategic enforcement of IP assets for Fortune 500 companies.  He was also a founding member of a private equity patent acquisition fund.  

Victor Hardy is Protecting the Patent Rights of Smaller Companies

In addition to protecting the patent rights of smaller companies in video and music streaming infringement cases, Victor Hardy has also worked to protect smaller players against Google and other search industry giants.  As a result of his tenacious approach to litigation, he has resolved disputes with 85% of the video streaming industry and 95% of the Websearch market.  Corporations he has faced off successfully against including Google. Netflix, Yahoo, Microsoft as well as several other larger Fortune 500 companies in these areas. 

It will be interesting to see how Victor Hardy utilizes his talent for IP law in multimedia cases in the future.

Victor Hardy revisits brilliant feedback from fans of his artwork

Artist Victor Hardy takes a fond look back on remarks received in response to his award-winning artwork.


From ‘gorgeous’ and ‘brilliant’ to ‘marvelous’ and ‘sublime,’ there’s no shortage of praise for renowned painter Victor Hardy from Austin, Texas, and his miniature painting masterpieces. Following almost three decades of refining his craft, here, the award-winning artist fondly revisits past remarks from several fans of his artwork. 


“Gorgeous, brilliant, [and] an inspiration,” says one fan of Victor Hardy’s work, Sanjay. “I think Victor Hardy is astounding,” he adds, “and his artwork is a testament to his patience and skill.” 


“Sublime,” says another fan of the artist’s work, this time in specific reference to one of Hardy’s most famous pieces – a figure known as Golgotha. “Golgotha,” Hardy reveals, “was famously and controversially disqualified from the 2004 Golden Demon Awards, yet it remains one of my best-known and best-loved pieces.”


Although universally well-loved, Victor Hardy’s work has, at times, attracted controversy, perhaps owing to one leading basis for much of his most famous artwork. “Although I use a variety of iconography in my art, much of what I do is inspired by Roman Catholic imagery,” reveals Hardy, “which may, at times, be seen as somewhat controversial.” 


Over the course of more than 20 years, Hardy has exhibited his work both in-person and online. “Feedback for almost every one of my pieces,” he reveals, “has been overwhelmingly positive.”


Victor Hardy, a Harvard, University of Houston, and University of Texas graduate from Austin, Texas, next points toward feedback from a fan praising his freehand work, calling it ‘a pinnacle,’ and suggesting that Hardy is a true artist.


“A two-dimensional picture won’t adequately display how [Victor Hardy’s] freehand blends together as you view [it] from different angles,” they remark. “Without being melodramatic, a pinnacle, reached by a true artist,” concludes the feedback. “Marvelous! There’s nothing else I can say,” says another similarly positive comment about Hardy’s multi-award-winning artwork. 


The Austin, Texas-based artist’s work has also attracted praise from well-known names within miniature painting circles, such as Bobby Wong, the author of the popular publication, Miniature-Art. “Victor’s [work] is outstanding because of his originality in painting, conversion, and presentation,” says Wong. 


“Unlike other painters, his interpretation [often] takes on a new twist,” adds the Miniature-Art author, concluding one of Victor Hardy’s mostly fondly looked-upon pieces of feedback for his award-winning artwork.

Victor Hardy explains basics of contemporary philosophy

Award-winning artist Victor Hardy, from Austin, Texas, explains the basics of the present period in the history of philosophy.


Having recently spoken at length about his passion for philosophy, and sharing a number of his favorite quotes from famous philosophers, Victor Hardy, an award-winning artist from Austin, Texas, turns his focus to the basics of the present period in the history of the millennia-old field of study.


Contemporary philosophy follows early-modern and late-modern philosophy – philosophy developed in what Hardy calls the modern era, and associated with modernity. “The 17th century roughly marks the beginning of modern philosophy, while the early 20th century marks the end,” he explains. 


Accordingly, contemporary philosophy most widely refers to the period of philosophy beginning in the early 20th century and continuing to the present day, according to Victor Hardy. “This period, in particular,” adds the artist and philosophy expert, “marks the increasing professionalization of the discipline.” 


The same period, Hardy goes on to reveal, also coincides with the rise of what’s known as analytic and continental philosophy. “Quite often, and, quite understandably, often confused with modern philosophy and postmodern philosophy, contemporary philosophy must not, however,” he adds, “be confused with the non-technical use of phrasing referring to recent philosophic works.”


Victor Hardy is keen to highlight the increasing professionalization of philosophy witnessed in the current period of the discipline, first marked, he says, to a large degree, by the initial formation of the Western Philosophical Association. “Following its formation, the Western Philosophical Association and aspects of the American Psychological Association soon merged,” Hardy explains, “to form the American Philosophical Association.”


Founded in 1900, the American Philosophical Association remains the primary professional organization for philosophers in the United States. “The American Philosophical Association’s mission,” Hardy reveals, “is to represent philosophy as a discipline, to promote the exchange of ideas among philosophers, to facilitate the professional work and teaching of philosophers, and to encourage creative and scholarly activity in philosophy.”


The association is also responsible for administering many of the philosophy profession’s top honors, including one of the oldest prizes in philosophy, the American Philosophical Association Book Prize, according to Victor Hardy. 


A recent survey of today’s professional philosophers asked them to rank prominent professional journals in contemporary philosophy. “In first place was Philosophical Review, while Mind, the quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal published on behalf of the Mind Association, came second,” adds Hardy, wrapping up, “with Nous in third, the Journal of Philosophy in fourth, and, in fifth, Philosophy & Phenomenological Research.”

Victor Hardy Sheds Light on His Background as an Artist

Texas native artist and attorney Victor Hardy shares a closer look at his path to becoming an award-winning painter.

With fans around the world, Victor Hardy has now honed his skills as an artist over the course of almost 30 years. Also a celebrated attorney, Texas native Hardy, who’s based in the state capital of Austin, sheds new light on his background in art.

“It all started in the very early 1990s while attending an event called Texas Con,” reveals Victor. Here, Hardy, who at the time was studying at university, encountered—for the first time—the now-world-famous wargame known as Warhammer 40,000. “One major element of the game relies on the skilled art of miniature painting,” he goes on to explain.

Purchasing a copy of the game, Victor Hardy and his university friends very soon began playing on their dorm room floor. Hardy, in particular, quickly became more heavily invested, he says, in painting models for the game. The Texas-based lawyer has since spent almost three decades perfecting the art of miniature painting in his spare time.

Specializing in multimedia and online patent infringement litigation, liquidation proceedings, due diligence, and intellectual property law in his professional life, Austin, Texas-based attorney Victor Hardy is now returning to the miniature painting hobby after a brief hiatus.

As an artist, and across more than 20 years, Hardy has won numerous awards and achieved a range of high-profile accolades for his artwork, both in the United States, the United Kingdom, elsewhere in Europe, and across much of the rest of the world.

From several so-called Golden Demon Award wins to holding the title for the top-rated piece of miniature painting on the hobby’s biggest website for more than a decade, attorney Hardy is, he says, excited to return some of his focus to the art world. “I was first bitten by the miniature painting bug many, many years ago,” says the award-winning artist and attorney, “and while my legal work has taken precedence in more recent years, I’m committed to making time to truly enjoy my love of art once again in coming months.”

Hardy recently began adding the finishing touches to a part-completed, as of yet unnamed piece of artwork first started several years ago. “It’s now just a matter,” he adds, wrapping up, “of finding the time to finish it.”

To learn more about award-winning artist, attorney, and Harvard Law School, University of Houston, and University of Texas Law School graduate Victor Hardy, from Austin, Texas, visit

Victor Hardy Recalls Infamous Miniature Painting Awards Event

Attorney and artist Victor Hardy looks back on the now-infamous 2004 Golden Demon Awards event.


Famed around the world for his miniature painting masterpieces and his involvement with the popular wargame Warhammer 40,000, Victor Hardy, from Austin, Texas, is also a well-respected attorney. Currently holding the title for the top-rated piece of miniature painting ever on the hobby’s biggest website, the lawyer and artist takes a look back on a now-infamous Golden Demon event held in 2004 centered around Warhammer 40,000 and associated artwork. 


Sponsored by Games Workshop, the Golden Demon Awards are named after the most coveted award presented during the annual competition of the same name. “Held annually, the awards represent the pinnacle of miniature painting,” explains Hardy, “and often demonstrate the finest work from the world’s best miniature painters.”


Despite occurring 15 years ago, Hardy’s tale of the now-infamous 2004 Golden Demon Awards event had, until fairly recently, not been told. “At the now-infamous Golden Demon Awards 2004 event, I had the pleasure of spending the day with, among others, Bruno Grelier, Jeremy Bonamant, David Waeselynck, and Jacque Alexandre,” reveals Hardy. “These guys were crazy!” exclaims the artist and attorney. 


The group, from France, he says, were all so enthusiastic and passionate about the miniature painting hobby that they were on another level. “Even today, 15 years on, I still have so much respect for their talents,” adds Hardy. 


The French, he reveals, swept the 2004 Golden Demon Awards, with Jacque Alexander taking home the prized Slayer Sword trophy. Victor’s now-famous piece, Golgotha, however, which was entered into the 2004 event, was controversially disqualified. “My new friend, Bruno Grelier, had, as it happens, entered into the same category,” explains Hardy, “and subsequently won.” 


Now, he says, comes the amazing part. “Bruno, having seen that Golgotha had been disqualified, gave me his own Golden Demon trophy and asked me to take it,” reveals Hardy. “He insisted that I should have it because he believed that I deserved it,” he adds. 


In offering Victor Hardy his Golden Demon trophy, the Frenchman was, the artist and attorney says, giving up one of the most precious things that a miniature painting award competitor can hope for. “We barely spoke a common language,” points out Hardy, “and, yet, he gave this incredible award to someone who, the day before, was a complete stranger.”


Sadly, a few years later, in June 2012, Bruno Grelier passed away. “Only someone who was completely passionate and crazy about the hobby,” adds Hardy, wrapping up, “could’ve done what Bruno did, and he remains fondly remembered by myself and countless others from the miniature painting scene in the U.S., Europe, and around the world.”

Victor Hardy Explains Passion For Philosophy

The millennia-old field of study originating from an ancient Greek love of wisdom, award-winning artist and attorney Victor Hardy shares his passion for philosophy.


Defined as the study of fundamental questions surrounding existence, knowledge, reason, language, values, and the mind, philosophy—from the Greek word, philosophia—translates to a love of wisdom. An award-winning artist and renowned attorney from Austin, Texas, Victor Hardy reveals his passion for the millennia-old field of study.


“Within philosophy—the study of fundamental questions surrounding existence, knowledge, reason, language, values, and the mind—such questions are often posed as problems,” explains Hardy, a renowned artist and attorney based in the Texas state capital city of Austin. “These problems,” he continues, “are then closely examined with a view to finding a resolution.”


Attorney Victor Hardy specializes in liquidation proceedings, online and multimedia patent infringement litigation, due diligence, intellectual property law, and class action discrimination lawsuits.


According to Hardy, the term philosophia was most likely coined by the ancient Ionian Greek philosopher and founder of Pythagoreanism, Pythagoras of Samos. For millennia, philosophical methods have centered around critical discussion, questioning, systematic presentation, and rational argument. “Philosophy historically encompassed any body of knowledge,” Hardy explains, “with so-called natural philosophy, for example, encompassing physics, medicine, and astronomy.”


More recently, however, the growth of modern research-led universities, he says, has seen academic philosophy and other disciplines begin to specialize and professionalize. “Today, what prior to the 19th century may have been considered to be entirely philosophical in nature, we now boast distinct academic disciplines for,” Hardy reveals, “including economics, sociology, physics, and linguistics.”


“Distinct areas of focus, however, and particularly those closely related to art and other pursuits, have,” he adds, wrapping up, “at the same time, remained part of the field of philosophy despite more recent advances in research and academia.”


A graduate of Harvard Law School, the University of Houston, and the University of Texas Law School, Victor Hardy has more than two decades of experience in high-stakes law. In his spare time, the multi-award-winning artist enjoys a passion for miniature painting, inspired by the popular wargame, Warhammer 40k. For more than ten years, Hardy has been responsible for one of the internet’s most famous and revered pieces of miniature painting, and continues to hold the title for the highest-ranked miniature of all time on one of the hobby’s biggest and most well-established websites.


To learn more about Victor Hardy, an award-winning artist and renowned attorney from Austin, Texas, head to

Victor Hardy Delves Back Into Love of Art

Renowned attorney and hobby artist Victor Hardy revisits his love of miniature painting.


A renowned attorney from the bustling Texas state capital city of Austin, lawyer Victor Hardy is also an accomplished and widely celebrated artist. Multi-award-winning and best known for the painted miniature known as Golgotha, Hardy delves back into his love of art after taking a short break from the hobby. 


Hardy begins by explaining that his love of art, and, in particular, miniature painting, stems from his involvement with the popular wargame Warhammer 40,000, dating back to his university days in the 1990s. “Since becoming involved with Warhammer 40,000 in university, I’ve remained extremely passionate about the miniature painting aspect of the game,” explains the attorney, “which, in itself, has become among my main hobbies outside of my work.”


In the years since, Hardy has garnered somewhat legendary status among followers and fans both of the wargame and the associated miniature painting hobby. Winning multiple awards in the process, the attorney and highly skilled hobby artist has also attracted the attention of prominent figures from the field, such as Bobby Wong, author of popular publication Miniature-Art.


Victor Hardy’s BloodThirster Champion marks an impressive centerpiece for his Khornate Army,” says Wong in a review of one of Hardy’s most well-known pieces. “Victor’s miniature is outstanding due to his originality in conversion, painting, and presentation,” he continues, “and, unlike other painters, his interpretation of the red-skinned BloodThirster takes on a new twist.” 


The new twist in question, according to Wong, centers around a reposed head, lengthened torso, the gruesome appearance of flayed skin, and an evocative display base, all cleverly employed by Hardy. “The result of employing such elements,” Victor explains, “saw my BloodThirster Champion take first place for Best Warhammer Monster at a Golden Demon Awards event, earning a coveted Slayer Sword in the process.” 


Perhaps surprisingly, Victor Hardy’s BloodThirster Champion is not, however, his best-known work. This accolade, arguably, goes to the piece known as Golgotha, which, more than a decade on, remains the most popular piece of miniature painting on the internet’s largest gallery of painted miniatures – CoolMiniOrNot. The piece, according to the artist and attorney, took more than 500 hours over the course of two years to complete. 


Almost three decades on from discovering the hobby, and following a brief hiatus, attorney Victor Hardy is now set to delve back into his love of miniature painting. “It’s just a matter of finding the time,” he adds, wrapping up, “but I cannot wait to get back into it.”


To find out more about Austin, Texas-based attorney and award-winning artist Victor Hardy, visit

Victor Hardy Basks in Continued Recognition for Miniature Artwork Skills

Renowned artist Victor Hardy continues to bask in recognition of his now-famous skills in the art of miniature painting

Stemming from a decades-long interest in the popular wargame Warhammer 40k, artist Victor Hardy is today responsible for some of the internet’s most famous and revered pieces of miniature painting. Holding the title for the highest-ranked miniature ever on one of the hobby’s most well-established websites, Hardy reveals more about his continued fame and recognition among those in the field.

“I’m proud to say that, even after ten years, I continue to be responsible for the most popular piece on the internet’s largest gallery of painted miniatures,” reveals Hardy, an artist and renowned attorney based in Austin, Texas. Outside of his passion and talent for art, Hardy also boasts more than 20 years of experience in high-stakes intellectual property law, patent infringement and media industry litigation, due diligence, civil rights matters, and more.

Victor Hardy first entered the art and painting field almost 30 years ago while at university. Rooted in a love of the wargame Warhammer 40k, Hardy, to this day, remains passionate about both interests. It’s the overlapping miniature painting aspect of both hobbies-Warhammer 40k, and art-which, however, has seen the attorney and artist make a name for himself on an international level, with fans in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and elsewhere alike.

His most famous piece of miniature painting, Golgotha, took Hardy more than two years to complete. All in all, the artist and attorney estimates that he spent upwards of 500 hours on the project.

Multi-award-winning artist Hardy is also recognized for a wealth of other pieces, including his so-called BloodThirster Champion and his Khornate Army. “The latter two pieces of work, in particular,” he reveals, “attracted the attention of Bobby Wong, author of popular publication Miniature-Art.”

“Victor Hardy’s BloodThirster Champion marks an impressive centerpiece for his Khornate Army,” says Wong in a past publication, “and, unlike other painters, his interpretation often takes on a new twist.”

Hardy’s BloodThirster Champion would ultimately take first place for Best Warhammer Monster at a Golden Demon Awards event several years ago, earning him one of a number of coveted Slayer Sword Awards.

“To think, it all started on my university dorm room floor,” the now highly successful attorney reminisces, explaining how he and his university friends first happened upon Warhammer 40k at an event called Texas Con in the early 1990s. “The rest, however,” he adds, wrapping up, “as they say, is history.”

To find out more about Austin, Texas-based attorney and multi-award-winning artist Victor Hardy, visit

Victor Hardy Showcases Professional Highlights

Texas attorney Victor Hardy looks back on two distinguished decades in high-stakes law.


An established lawyer and a founding member of a leading patent acquisition private equity fund, Victor Hardy has spent more than 20 years at the forefront of the legal profession. The Texas-based attorney, from Austin, Texas, looks back on more than two decades in high-stakes law ranging from patent investment and infringement to due diligence and intellectual property rights as he showcases a number of his professional highlights. 


“Over the course of more than 20 years now, I’ve utilized my extensive knowledge to provide real-world perspectives on everything from patent infringement and asset valuation to financial modeling and intellectual property law,” reveals Hardy.


Victor Hardy specializes in online and multimedia patent infringement, intellectual property law, due diligence, media industry litigation, and civil rights matters. He also deals in class-action discrimination lawsuits and liquidation proceedings as well as a number of other highly specialized aspects of U.S. and international law.  


First showcasing one particular professional highlight, Hardy turns to a case centered upon the internet search sector. “During an industry-wide infringement case involving patents tied to non-semantic search engine algorithms, I represented an extremely prominent plaintiff and have subsequently resolved disputes with some 99 percent of the search industry,” reveals the Harvard Law School, University of Houston, and University of Texas Law School graduate.


In addition to past and ongoing work in the internet search sector, Hardy also remains in active litigation with the social networking industry.


“Elsewhere, I was a senior trial team member during a lawsuit involving the enforcement of numerous patents directed toward a Nobel Prize-winning gene amplification process,” explains Hardy, showcasing a second professional highlight. Here, and following a month-long trial, the jury declared each of the patents in question to have been infringed, subsequently awarding approximately $50 million in damages, according to the Texas-based legal professional. 


Another case of which Hardy is particularly proud saw the attorney representing a number of plaintiffs in a now-famous class-action racial discrimination lawsuit that garnered national media attention from The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and more. “A further similar case,” he adds, “was later featured on national news broadcasts including Anderson Cooper’s 360 on CNN.”


Victor Hardy has since gone on to take a high-stakes liquidation case in the Bahamas. “Surrounding failure to deliver securities, I’ve taken lead counsel,” he adds, wrapping up, “in pursuing the claim in question.”


To learn more about Austin, Texas-based attorney and award-winning artist Victor Hardy, head to